Payroll Solutions

For all those businesses that do not have the time, resources, expertise or desire to manage HR functions, WEmng offers HR Payroll Solutions

HR Payroll Solutions


Late salary may be an issue that makes employees feel frustrated.


And ill-estimated employee market value leads to unloyalty, and both will surely be a huge liability on your road to success.


So we added the Payroll Solutions Service to help you overcome a minor obstacle that can lead to fatal loss.

Through this service we:

  • Analyzing the specificities of your payroll.
  • Setting up our software in order to meet legal and also specific Collective Bargaining Agreement requirements
  • Assistance in the organization of the payroll process
  • Processing the monthly payroll: recording permanent and variable data, changes in individual situations, calculating monthly pay slips, and preparing the bank transfer orders
  • Possible access to HR tools: absence tools, training tools, etc.
  • Follow up of new joiners, leavers and related procedures.
  • Producing standard and personalized monthly reports.
  • Producing the mandatory social declarations, keeping in contact with social bodies.
  • Sending legal, social and Salary Tax regular updates.
  • Assistance in any specific payroll-related matters: setting up insurance contracts, advising on the employee departure process, drafting shadow pay slips, etc.
  • Monitoring the market for any changes, and reporting them back to you.


  • The quick takeover of the entire payroll function and duties.
  • No need to research and maintain payroll software: no investments.
  • The immediate availability of our qualified and experienced team, which means you can focus on your core business.
  • Our services content and processes will evolve in line with changes in your needs.
  • Customized reports and analysis enabling efficient management review and planning.

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