Value of the week: TeamWork Communication: Thorough, prompt and direct communication helps all parties across multiple channels stay up to date Task Delegation: Assigning roles and tasks is important to decide upfront. Documentation: Record-keeping during different stages of our partnership helps to keep everyone informed and easily traced. Prosper your…

Medical Insurance Packages

WEmng Will offer eligible employees various Medical Insurance packages. In WEmng we believe that our clients’ employees are our own, and so, ensuring that all or most employees have Medical Insurance and with the best possible packages is vital to our entity. Medical Insurance Benefits: Cashless Treatment – In the…

Do Not Derail Your Career

Ever feel like you are doing everything right, but just cannot seem to get ahead at work? You could be making one of these five common mistakes. Networking with peers, missing out on job opportunities, salary negotiations gone awry are some such mistakes. Here we help you recognize these habits…

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